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Financial support

The Local Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee of the Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor will provide a limited number of fee waivers and bursaries going towards travel costs for PhD-students and some for non-student-researchers. You will be eligible to apply for financial support if your paper or poster has been accepted and you are in financial need. 

Applications for financial support are now possible (Deadline: April 8th).

In order to apply, please email us a signed and scanned letter containing:

  • a statement as to why you need funding
  • a declaration that you will not receive any other funding
  • your estimated travel and accommodation costs 

Please note: The stipends are generally paid after the conference and will most likely not cover all your expenses. In case your application is successful, we will need an official document issued by your home institution stating that you could not receive any funding from them. This document should be sent to us by June 30. 

Please send your application to: raam2016@cinepoetics.fu-berlin.de
Subject: Financial Support 
Application Deadline: April 8th, 2016


We are planning to arrange professional childcare for the duration of the conference in close proximity to the venue. Parents who wish to travel with their children and are interested in childcare should indicate so during registration.


The conference venue is accessible by wheelchair and provides accessible toilets. The U-Bahn-Station Dahlem Dorf has a suitable lift. If you require any assistance during the conference, please let us know. Of course, you are welcome to bring an accompanying assistant.